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July 30, 2017

Hey guys!

Thanks for checking out my blog! Let me start off by telling you a bit about myself and about what this blog will be about.

I’m a 27 year old currently living in Palm Springs, California. I grew up in LA and I’ve moved around and traveled a bit, but I always end up coming back to SoCal. I’m a web designer, an author of a children’s book, and now a blogger! I love to travel, I love food, and I love writing – hence my need to start a blog! 🙂

So what will BlaBlahBlah be about? Well, it will be a good blog written by a SoCal girl living in Palm Springs. I will be sharing reviews of food I try and restaurants I go too, as well as recipes that make my life in the kitchen so much easier, fun and yummy!

With that said, if you have any comments about any of my posts, please free to comment! If you have a tip, recipe, or something you’d like to share, I do welcome guest posts so just send me an email about it. And if you have any suggestions or thoughts you’d like to share with me, please also feel free to contact me to

Thanks again for stopping by! I hope you enjoy every post!





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